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Zitouna Mosque, Tunis, Tunisia
Zitouna Mosque, Tunis, Tunisia
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Tunisia ratified the World Heritage Convention on 10 March, 1975. As of July 2010, it has eight World Heritage Sites of which seven are in the cultural category, and one in the natural category. Tunisia also has another four sites on the World Heritage Tentative List.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tunisia

  1. Amphitheatre of El Jem
  2. Medina of Tunis
  3. Site of Carthage
  4. Ichkeul National Park
  5. Punic Town of Kerkuane and its Necropolis
  6. Kairouan
  7. Medina of Sousse
  8. Dougga / Thugga

Sites in Tunisia on the World Heritage Tentative List

  1. Parc National d'El Feija (2008)
  2. Parc National de Bouhedma (2008)
  3. Chott El Jerid (2008)
  4. Oasis de Gabès (2008)

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