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Norway ratified the World Heritage Convention on 12 May, 1977. As of June 2010, it has seven World Heritage Sites, one in the natural category and the balance in the cultural category. Norway also has another six sites on the World Heritage Tentative List.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway

  1. Bryggen
  2. Urnes Stave Church
  3. Røros Mining Town
  4. Rock Art of Alta
  5. Vegaøyan -- The Vega Archipelago
  6. Struve Geodetic Arc
  7. West Norwegian Fjords - Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord

Sites in Norway on the World Heritage Tentative List

  1. The Laponian Area - Tysfjord, the fjord of Hellemobotn and Rago (extension) (2002)
  2. The Lofoten islands (2002)
  3. Svalbard Archipelago (2007)
  4. Islands of Jan Mayen and Bouvet as parts of a serial transnational nomination of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge system (2007)
  5. Røros Mining Town and its Circumference (extension to Røros Mining Town) (2008)
  6. Rjukan/Notodden and Odda/Tyssedal Industrial Heritage Sites, Hydro Electrical Powered Heavy Industries with associated Urban Settlements (Company Towns) and Transportation System (2009)

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