World Travel GuidesHistoric Mosque City of Bagerhat, Bangladesh

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Shat Gambuj Mosque
Shat Gambuj Mosque
Nasir Khan Saikat

The Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat, formerly known as Khalifatabad, is a World Heritage Site in Bangladesh. It was inscribed into the World Heritage List during the 9th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Paris, France, on 2-6 December, 1985. The site was commended for the high technical skill of its infrastructure and the exceptional number of mosques and early Islamic monuments located there.

Photos of Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

Mosque City of Bagerhat, Bangladesh
Mosque City of Bagerhat, Bangladesh
Nasir Khan Saikat

What to See in Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

There are more than 50 monuments that have been catalogued within the Mosque City of Bagerhat. They include the Shatgombuj Mosque, the Mausoleum of Khan Jahan, the mosques of Singar, Bibi Begni, Reza Khoda and Zindavir, among others.

The Sixty Pillar Mosque, also called the Shat Gambuj Mosque (also spelled as Shait Gumbad), in Bagerhat is one of the most famous mosques in the site. It is regarded as one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. It has sixty pillars and eighty-one domes. It was built during the 15th century by Khan Jahan Ali, a local Muslim saint.

World Heritage Site Inscription Details

Location: N 22 40 00 E 089 48 00
Inscription Year: 1985
Type of Site: Cultural
Inscription Criteria: IV


The Mosque City is located on the outskirt of Bagerhat, on the southwestern part of Bangladesh.

Location Map

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Visiting Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

Your base for visiting this World Heritage Site is Dhaka. You can get your hotel there to help you make the arrangement, or select the appropriate tour package or day excursion. Get a full list of hotels in Dhaka here.

Getting there

Bagerhat is 250 km from Dhaka. To reach Bagerhat, you need to go from Dhaka via Khulna, the capital of Khulna Division. From there, you can catch a local bus to Bagerhat.

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