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Japan ratified the World Heritage Convention on 30 June, 1992. As of May 2010, it has 14 World Heritage Sites, of which 11 are in the cultural category and 3 in the natural category. Japan also has another 12 sites on the World Heritage Tentative List.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan

  1. Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area
  2. Himeji-jo
  3. Shirakami-Sanchi
  4. Yakushima
  5. Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities)
  6. Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama
  7. Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome)
  8. Itsukushima Shinto Shrine
  9. Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara
  10. Shrines and Temples of Nikko
  11. Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu
  12. Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range
  13. Shiretoko
  14. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape

Sites in Japan on the World Heritage Tentative List

  1. Temples, Shrines and other structures of Ancient Kamakura (1992)
  2. Hikone-Jo (castle) (1992)
  3. Historic Monuments and Sites of Hiraizumi (2001)
  4. The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Industrial Heritage (2007)
  5. Ogasawara Islands (2007)
  6. Churches and Christian Sites in Nagasaki (2007)
  7. Asuka-Fujiwara: Archaeological sites of Japanís Ancient Capitals and Related Properties (2007)
  8. Fujisan (2007)
  9. Main Building of the National Museum of Western Art (2007)
  10. Jômon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaidô, Northern Tôhoku, and other regions (2009)
  11. The Modern Industrial Heritage Sites in Kyûshû and Yamaguchi (2009)
  12. Okinoshima Island and Related Sites in Munakata Region (2009)

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