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Graz is the second biggest city in Austria after Vienna. The capital of the Austrian state of Styria, it has a population of close to 300,000 as of 2009.

The historic centre of Graz is one of the best-preserved Old Towns in central Europe. It was recognised as a World Heritage Site during the 23th session of the World Heritage Committee Graz was inscribed because it reflects artistic and architectural movements of the Germanic region, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, serving as a cultural crossroad for centuries. The historic centre of Graz is an exceptional example of the harmonious integration of the architectural styles from the successive periods. As a result, one can see buildings typical of each different age represented there.

World Heritage Site Inscription Details

Location: N 47 04 23 E 15 26 19
Inscription Year: 1999
Type of Site: Cultural
Inscription Criteria: II, IV

What to See in City of Graz Historic Centre

Graz is a city with lots of heritage buildings to explore. On this page, I will list down the sights that are worth viewing. Refer also to the map on this page for the location of the sights I mentioned.

Graz Cathedral (Dom)
Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche)
Town Square (Hauptplatz)
Landesmuseum Joanneum (Universalmuseum Joanneum)
Palais Attems
Grazer Congress
Landeszeughaus (Armoury)


Graz is located by the river Mur in southeastern Austria. It is about 200 km from Vienna. The modern city of Graz spreads out on both banks of the Mur.

Location Map

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Getting there

By Plane

Graz Airport (GRZ) gets regular flights from Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and London, among others. From the airport, you can take the bus to the city. It goes to Jakominiplatz and then to the city train station, Hauptbahnhof. The fare is €1.70. Alternatively you can also take the train to the city. The train station is about 300 meters from the air terminal, and the fare to the city train station is also €1.70.

By Train

There are trains from Vienna to Graz every hour. The journey takes about 2½ hours. The train journey from Vienna to Graz passes through the Semmering Railway line, which is also a World Heritage Site.

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