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Germany ratified the World Heritage Convention on 23 August, 1976. As of March 2010, it has 33 World Heritage Sites of which 31 are in the cultural category and two in the natural category. Germany is one of the few countries with one site having been removed from the World Heritage Site list. Germany also has another 15 sites on the World Heritage Tentative List.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany

  1. Aachen Cathedral
  2. Speyer Cathedral
  3. Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square
  4. Pilgrimage Church of Wies
  5. Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust at Brühl
  6. St Mary's Cathedral and St Michael's Church at Hildesheim
  7. Roman Monuments, Cathedral of St Peter and Church of Our Lady in Trier
  8. Frontiers of the Roman Empire
  9. Hanseatic City of Lübeck
  10. Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin
  11. Abbey and Altenmünster of Lorsch
  12. Mines of Rammelsberg and Historic Town of Goslar
  13. Maulbronn Monastery Complex
  14. Town of Bamberg
  15. Collegiate Church, Castle, and Old Town of Quedlinburg
  16. Völklingen Ironworks
  17. Messel Pit Fossil Site
  18. Bauhaus and its Sites in Weimar and Dessau
  19. Cologne Cathedral
  20. Luther Memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg
  21. Classical Weimar
  22. Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Berlin
  23. Wartburg Castle
  24. Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz
  25. Monastic Island of Reichenau
  26. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen
  27. Historic Centres of Stralsund and Wismar
  28. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  29. Dresden Elbe Valley (Delisted 2009)
  30. Muskauer Park / Park Muzakowski
  31. Town Hall and Roland on the Marketplace of Bremen
  32. Old town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof
  33. Berlin Modernism Housing Estates
  34. The Wadden Sea

Sites in Germany on the World Heritage Tentative List

  1. Upper Harz Water Management (1999)
  2. Heidelberg Castle and Old Town (1999)
  3. Schwetzingen: A Prince Elector's Summer Residence - garden design and Freemasonic allusions (1999)
  4. The Margravial Opera House Bayreuth - an outstanding place of the european musical culture (1999)
  5. Mining and Cultural Landscape (1999)
  6. Fagus Works (1999)
  7. Mountain garden of Wilhelmshöhe (1999)
  8. Corvey Abbey and Castle (1999)
  9. Speicherstadt and Chilehaus with Kontorhaus District (1999)
  10. Francke Foundation Buildings (1999)
  11. The Naumburg Cathedral and the landscape of the rivers Saale and Unstrut an important dominion in the High Middle Ages (1999)
  12. L’œuvre architecturale et urbaine de Le Corbusier – deux maisons du Weissenhof-Siedlung á Stuttgart (2007)
  13. Beech Primeval Forests of Germany (2007)
  14. Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps (2009)
  15. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe with Hercules and water features. Staging power in the landscape (2010)

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