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The nine Chinese Classical Gardens in the Historic City of Suzhou, China, are regarded as masterpieces of its genre. These gardens were created between the 11th to the 19th centuries. Their meticulous design reflect the importance of natural beauty in Chinese culture. Four of these gardens are described as places where art, nature and ideas come together to form ensembles of great beauty and peaceful harmony. Another four are integral to the historic urban plan.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites during the 21st session of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Naples, Italy, on 1-6 December, 1997.

Photos of Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Couple's Retreat Garden

Couple's Retreat Garden, Suzhou
Couple's Retreat Garden, Suzhou
Author: MYSHEROS (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

Humble Administrator's Garden

Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou
Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou
Author: Jakub Hałun (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou
Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou
Author: chinese author (public domain)

Jianshanlou of Zhouzhengyuan, Suzhou
Jianshanlou of Zhouzhengyuan, Suzhou
Author: Liu Runen (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

Lion Grove Garden

Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou
Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou
Author: Jakub Ha łun (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported)

World Heritage Site Inscription Details

Location: N 31 19 36.2 E 120 37 32.3 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
Inscription Year: 1997
Type of Site: Cultural
Inscription Criteria: I, II, III, IV, V

Location Map

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Visiting Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Arriving in Suzhou

Suzhou is relatively close to Shanghai, so as international traveler, you will arrive through there. Alternatively, you can also fly in from Beijing at the Suzhou Guangfu Airport (SZV).

If you arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), you can take a shuttle bus to Suzhou. The price is ¥82. Take the bus at the 2nd floor of Terminal 1. Shuttle bus also leaves Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport (SHA). The price is ¥50.

From Shanghai, you can also take the train to Suzhou. As the tickets often sell out in advance, it is sensible to book early. The fastest and most expensive train is the ones prefixed with D, followed by the T trains.

Local Tour of Suzhou

Sign up for the Suzhou and Zhoushuang Water Village Day Trip from Shanghai . The tour, which starts in Shanghai, takes you to Suzhou and Zhoushuang, two picturesque Chinese towns.

Exploring Suzhou

Within Suzhou, it is possible to explore on foot. For farther distances, you can hail down a taxi. The fare starts at ¥10 for the first 3 km, and then ¥2.50 for every subsequent kilometer. Get your destination written in Chinese to show to your cab driver, and keep the address of your hotel in Chinese, with map if available. Drivers don't usually know the way.

You can also rent a bicycle to ride around, as Suzhou is quite flat and compact. Bike rental is around ¥10 to ¥30 plus a deposit.

Local Tours of China

At times, it is faster, safer and cheaper to join a local tour than to go there yourself. This is especially true for many places in China. However, you need to be wary of the tour operators, especially those in China.

Here are a few local tours of China that you may wish to add to your itinerary. These tours are arranged by Viator, one of the most reputable tour agencies in the market.

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