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Bourges Cathedral at night
Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims
Author: Wladyslaw Sojka (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

Bourges Cathedral or Cathedral of St Etienne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bourges, France. This Roman Catholic cathedral is dedicated to Saint Stephen, and serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Bourges.

The Bourges Cathedral traces its history to some time in the 12th century. It was built on the site of a church which has stood there since the 3rd century, and was part of an original Gallo-Roman walled city. It is believed that the construction of Bourges Cathedral took place around the same time as Chartes Cathedral, whose construction began in 1194.

Unlike many other cathedrals in Frances, the Bourges Cathedral was relatively spaced damage from the two world wars. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site during the 16th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Santa Fe, USA, on 7-14 December, 1992.

Photos of Bourges Cathedral

Bourges Cathedral
Bourges Cathedral
Author: Joel Bez (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

World Heritage Site Inscription Details

Location: N 47 04 56 E 2 23 54
Inscription Year: 1992
Type of Site: Cultural
Inscription Criteria: I, IV

Visiting Bourges Cathedral

You can reach Bourges by train from Paris Austerlitz railway station. Journey takes 1 hour 45 minutes. From Bourges, you can explore and visit the Cathedral on foot.

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